Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Just stopping in to say that we were very lucky, Sandy did not yield anything more than high winds and rain for us. We even kept our power on, which was completely unexpected (at least all my laundry and dishes are done now). We are thinking of all of those in NY, New Jersey, Delaware and elsewhere that weren't as lucky and hoping for a quick recovery.

Because we were so lucky weather-wise, we were able to go Trick-or-Treating. Here's Dylan in his Bane costume, minus the mask:

He's really happy that I'm delaying trick-or-treating with a photo shoot. 
And here we are, self-proclaimed nerds and damn proud of it:

Side story: I wore my costume to pick Dylan up at the bus stop. He got off the bus, put his hand over his eyes and looked dramatically to the left and right, stating, "Where are you?" HA! That's my kid. Cheesy sense of humor is totally genetic.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your candy haul was as good as ours. Now on to removing my Halloween decorations. Does anyone else get super-excited to put up holiday decorations, and then super-tired of seeing them everyday about a month in? 

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  1. Great costumes you guys!

    "Cheesy sense of humor is totally genetic." I agree. :)

    And yes, putting up our decorations was so much fun, but putting them away felt good too.