Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday recap: Dylan turns 9!

We had a blast celebrating Dylan's birthday this past weekend (his real birthdate is 11/9 but we keep the festivities goin', yo). On Friday when he arrived home from school, Dylan was absolutely delighted  that I had put up my birthday decorations for him (walking around to look at each, and he kept saying, "Oh wow! Thanks mom!"). These decorations include: a balloon wreath, a colorful flag banner, and banners from previous years' party themes (Mario and Pokemon) that say Happy Birthday Dylan (yay personalization!).

We had Dylan's choice of dinner, which to my delight was my signature lemon garlic shrimp pasta, with shirley temples to drink and a Tiramisu Torte from Trader Joe's for dessert (woo-hoo my kid has excellent taste!).

Some neighbors dropped in to play several rounds of Just Dance as well, and related incriminating photos were posted promptly by my mother to Facebook. Dylan opened presents and was SO. EXCITED. the whole time. I love that kid's joyful personality.

Monty is quite adept at photo-bombing.

On Saturday, with Nana in tow, we had Dylan's party party at a local Laser Tag joint.

The party theme was: Dylan's favorite things (Including Ugly Dolls, Pokemon, and Batman)

Our party 'hostess' did a card trick with Dylan.

Check out the suh-weet DYLAN candles!
Laser tag was super fun, and the adults even joined in which made it a blast. Dylan and his friends seemed to really enjoy it and were excitedly talking about the games for long afterwards, even despite the ex-marine who was intensely focused on being NUMBER ONE (yes, he was an adult). Side story: He was with his 4- or 5-year old daughter in pigtails, and when he discovered she had gotten last place (GO FIGURE) he began lecturing her, like, seriously, in the lobby about how "I expected that from you and all being your first time, however..." SERIOUSLY, it was like something out of SNL. Anyways, everyone also seemed to enjoy the Little Caesar's pizza which being native Michiganders, we had to introduce to the locals (it recently opened here).

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dylan...

Opening presents!

Very cool card from a good friend.

All in all, it was a great celebratory weekend for Dylan's 9th. He is an amazing kid who makes me proud and teaches me every day. I am so happy to celebrate this birthday but it has gone by way too fast. Next year we're in the double digits! I can't think about it, yet. 

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