Friday, November 9, 2012

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, DC

First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little guy! I guess I can't call him that now that he's 9. I will be posting about the birthday festivities after they occur this weekend. 

Remember how we went to the other air and space museum? This weekend we were able to go to the DC version (I think the original one) and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Spoiler alert: this is a picture-heavy post, so feel free to skip out if you're sick of ALL. THE. PHOTOS. of DC attractions.

Dylan was very interested in finding out...

More pictures after the jump...

Dylan controls the camera inside of the space lander.
 We saw the "Undiscovered Worlds" feature in the planetarium, which was very well done. We all learned a lot (I had no clue there were other planets, similar in chemical-make up to earth but totally gaseous, outside of our solar system!) and Dylan particularly loved the film.

Dylan was "frightened" of the bomb (pose done for dramatic effect). 

The gift shop featured a Star Wars and Star Trek theme so we nerded out. 

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