Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween preparations in light of Hurricane Sandy

The rain is POURING here now and fortunately the winds haven't started up (yet). So, I'll leave you with some Halloween photos that I have taken from the past week. We're hoping to go trick-or-treating Wednesday but the big storm may prevent that. In that case, I picked up some small treat bags for Dylan and the neighbors and maybe we'll play some Halloween games in our costumes. I'm sure the potential power outage will add to the spooky mood.


Dylan enjoyed gutting the pumpkin.

The finished masterpiece!

Bob's riding this storm out. 


  1. Nice bat pumpkin! I like Bob's sense of safety for riding the bike too. Hope all is safe and well with the three of you!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yes, with a safety person in the house a helmet was required. We fortunately experienced nothing more than some high winds and rains.