Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween decor part 1- the indoors

Wherein I disclose that I have too much free time and speak to inanimate objects in hopes that they will be my 'friends.' 

At the risk of being all pollyann-ish, I loooove Halloween and fall (twirls around, grinning and breaks out into song). Having a bit of time on my hands (current status: unemployed) I wanted to do a bit more with my decorations this year. I added some new ones since my current stash was lacking. I thought I'd share and/or document my Halloween decorations. I'm doing this in 2 parts because I wanted to be suspenseful and dramatic I'm not finished with my porch yet.

Below is my front door covered in spiders (waves arm, Vanna White style). I copied the idea from the Delia Creates blog, found on Pinterest (of course.. do I need to even mention it anymore?) and used dollar store spider rings and glued them to magnets. I love the burlap pillow cover, it says "Eek" in the corner and was purchased at the My Adobe Cottage Etsy shop.

Here is a close-up of the spiders.
Above the couch, I recently purchased the RIBBA picture ledge from Ikea, and a few of the RIBBA frames for the 5 X 7 free printables. Living near Ikea has become very problematic in terms of finances.

I added a real mini-pumpkin, a crow (which I may or may not have named) from Michael's, and a wee lil' skeleton that I purchased on a twine garland and removed, also from Michael's.

The orange Halloween subway art on the left is from It Works for Bobbi, and the chevron "BOO" on the right is from two twenty one. I printed them at the local one-hour photo rather than printing myself. 

Above the left side of the couch hangs an oldie-but-goodie that I always loved as a kid (Thanks mom!), a witch mouse on her broom stick flying through the crescent moon. Outside on the porch also hangs a hand-me-down from my mom (Thanks again mom!), a black cat windsock.

In the kitchen window overlooking the porch sits my pumpkin train from Cracker Barrel a few years ago. It lights up; however the wiring on one is broken and I can't fix it so only two of the train cars work right now. It's still loved by the kiddo so that's why it's out. At Halloween time, I replace my usual candle vase filler of wine corks with candy corn. 

In the office area (really supposed to be a dining room per the layout), I have a spider web draped over the top of my map canvas and a big furry spider (from Michael's.. definitely making use of their 40% off coupons). The two foam Halloween creations were kits that Dylan made, the left one a haunted tree house and the right one a graveyard and spooky tree. He loves making them and I love displaying them. He'll be making a "Spooky Fun House" this year. 

Above the TV armoire sits the crow's sister (OKAY her name is Harriet. Yes I talk to my decorations. OMG I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE). The pile of skulls were Justin's from when he was 8 or 9. He got them at Disneyland in California. I stacked mini pumpkins in the vase I already had (and placed a silica gel packet in there to try to prevent moisture/molding). The bats are AWESOME. Here, let me show you:

See? They were $5 vinyl stick-ons from Target. I have two rats from the Dollar Tree in the bottom right corner there. They have red beady eyes and their names are Bert & Ernie. DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND? 

I placed some bat stickers inside of the lampshades for a cool night effect.

The basket on the side table was a dollar-spot find at Target ($2.50, actually) and I just filled with white and orange mini pumpkins. You can get them at Trader Joe's for less than a dollar each. The mums in the back are faux from Michael's. I spend an extraordinary amount of time at Michael's and Target now that I am unemployed. Can you tell? Anyway, I placed the mums in a cleaned-out glass candleholder from Bath and Body Works and they're sitting in a pedestal candle sleeve from there as well. 

So, that's most of what I have up inside. Not too kitschy, a little bit creepy and a little bit classic is how I  would categorize my decor in my own made-up design terms. I'm excited about the porch since I haven't had much of an outdoor space to decorate before. I purchased a 'friend' (oh no, not only am I naming them but now I'm referring to them as friends) who I'm very excited about and keeps the neighborhood kids entertained... 

BWAH HAHA (evil scary Halloween-esque laugh)... stay tuned for part 2!

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