Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Canvas Map Art

I have a very blank spot above my desk. At our last home, I tried to keep things organized with a wall organizer system which just let me sort my chaos into more piles, so it still felt cluttered. I was inspired by Courtney at A Thoughtful Place to keep an organized file system for all the papers constantly coming in. I purchased one at Target in blue and green (can be viewed at, not on Target's website) to add some color. I'm really hung up on this adding color thing apparently.

This system has really worked for us and honestly the paper clutter has all but disappeared since starting it. This may be related to my time at home but hey, it's working.

However, this left me with a huge blank (NEUTRAL) wall to stare at when working at my computer.

I have had, and wanted to display, this map: World Wall Map Deluxe Laminated 50" x 32" (M Series Map of the World)* forever (although mine is not the laminated one). I loved the colors and the size was right for above my desk. However, to frame something that is 50" by 32" is very, very expensive.

I had used the modge-podge to canvas technique with some of Dylan's artwork in the past, and decided to go for it. I found a 48" by 36" canvas at A.C. Moore which was thankfully on sale for 50% off (final cost: $19.99).

I started off by laying the map out and realizing it was too large.

So, I carefully trimmed the borders with some craft scissors.

Ahh, much better. I then used a tape measure to ensure each side was evenly spaced and the map was centered. I marked the edge with a pencil so I would know where to adhere the map when it was time to attach it.

I then used some spray adhesive, spraying back and forth across the canvas within the space I had marked and slowly rolled the map across, starting at the edges and trying to smooth out wrinkles as I went.

*UPDATE: The wall map began partially falling off. I found that re-applying it, spraying both the back of the map AND the canvas has been completely successful.

I then weighted the corners down and let it dry for about 3 hours.

The next step was to add some Modge Podge (I used the Gloss type, leftover from another project), which I applied with a paint roller. During this step, things got very wrinkly. I like to refer to it as 'unintentional texture.'

Excuse the upside-down-ness, still learning how to modify cell phone pictures on Blogger
The final step, after allowing the Modge Podge to dry for about 30 minutes was to apply Acrylic sealer, which I ended up doing 2 coats, 15 minutes apart, and then let dry overnight.

And... voila! Final product. It flattened out a bit (and the 'unintentional texture is less noticeable on the wall), so I'm enjoying it. Perhaps I will stop being so obsessed with adding 'pops of color' now.

*Note: contains affiliate link. 

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