Tuesday, September 11, 2012

United States Botanic Gardens, D.C.

One of the many things I love about living in NoVA (is it NoVA or NOVA? I'm not a 'local' yet) is being able to hop in the car and head to our nation's capitol on a whim. This past Sunday we did just that. After mentioning to Justin that Dylan and I hadn't been to the National Botanic Gardens, and considering the beautiful sunshine and end-of-the-heat-wave weather we were having, we picked our destination.

Scooting through D.C.

The entrance is beautifully seated outside the Capitol Building. 

The "Garden Court" was breathtaking in color and in smell. You can feel your air become cleaner as  you walk through. 

The Botanical Gardens feature indoor 'exhibits' where different regions (prairie, tropical, desert, etc.) are illustrated through flora and fauna. Our favorite was the "Children's Garden" where the kiddos are invited to water, touch, and smell the flowers. 

Dylan waters the plants, these must be hardy ones.

I loved the face planter
The hand pump caused the fish to squirt water.

The seasonal exhibit featured both real and non-real carnivorous plants. 

Dylan gets eaten by a plant. Bummer.

It is just so cool to see how excited Dylan gets learning new information from all the different museums. Have I mentioned I love living here? 

For more information about the US Botanic Gardens, see here: http://www.usbg.gov/

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