Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I love about being a SAHM.. WAHM.. whatever

This blog is my 'happy place' and I would like to express my unexpected gratitude for being 'currently unemployed' (as I put it on the forms). Don't get me wrong, I'm still actively job-hunting and will be until I find a job, and I miss the paycheck for sure (um, we all do). However, to bring some inner peace to my life (HIPPIE) I like to be cognizant of what I'm happy about in my life and enjoy the now rather than the future I'm imagining.

Without further adeu, my favorite things about being a stay-at-home-mom (well, kinda work-at-home-mom as I'm trying to start a business but not exactly profiting)...:
  • Do I want to do my computer work outside on the porch with a cup of tea in my pajamas? YES YOU CAN!
  • I have had sleep problems on and off for years and they are getting better. But, if there's a night that I do. not. get. any. sleep.. I don't have to lead a meeting or handle a crisis the next day. In fact, if I decide it's break time to take a nap, then so be it because who's the boss? That's right, I'm the boss. Of home. Well, when I'm at home by myself. Ahem.
  • My home has never been cleaner. I know, I know, very typical but when my home is dirty and cluttered (no, I don't care about your home and I'm not judging) it just stresses me out. It's weird, but it makes me cranky. Now that I am able to maintain a regular cleaning routine (so 50's housewife), it's just relaxing to be able to sit in a regularly-cleaned home at night.
  • I can focus more energy into documenting the everyday things, here. It's cheesy but I like to be able to look back on what we were doing and I LOATHE and DETEST scrapbooking. (Yes, your scrapbook is beautiful, I just don't like doing it myself). I tend to harbor some guilt about not "creating" (ha) a wonderful childhood for my son (I'm getting better about it, the guilt at least) and looking back at photos from when he was younger- the zoo trips, birthday parties, farm visits- helped alleviate that by illustrating what I am doing. So, this is therapeutic in a way. 
  • I am able to pursue my 'dream job.' Caveat: My dream job is an ever-changing entity but I would LOVE love to be a work-at-home-mom and create at home to help support our family (due to the points above). I am currently working to make that a reality, even if it is a side thing that I do while working full time when I do get a job. I will post more on that later. 
  • I love that all the stuff I used to do after work is now done during work hours. I used to come home, make dinner, start a load of dishes and laundry, and play with Dylan. After he was in bed, I would (try to) put away laundry, clean, sometimes finish up a report from work, and so on. Now, those things are done and I can relax in the evening. So, this time of productivity has been replaced with a new TV addiction. I guess that's not exactly a benefit. But I am getting caught up on Breaking Bad and finally watched Arrested Development in its entirety. I totally get pop-culture references now!
  • Less . stress. I love being able to balance it all, not be constantly exhausted and juggling full-time work with full-time parenthood. I will clarify though, that the majority of the time I was working full time, Justin was away at work in Saudi and so I was juggling it all on my own. That being said, it should be somewhat easier now that we all live together again. Side note: Dear Single Parents, you are my hero. I don't think anyone truly understands how hard it is until they've done it. I'm not saying I was a single parent in that I had my husband's emotional and financial support while he was gone, but I have so much respect considering how hard it was even with the support I did have. Power to you!
New cubical 

There are days when I think, "I would LOVE to be back at work right about now," but I'm happy to just enjoy my time. There are also the bajillion and one unexpected bills that of course pop up once you think you're doing fine, but money is money. Unrelated: Apparently all of the dental work I've ever had (everything) needs to be redone. Fun!

I am sure I will write a list of what I love about being back to work (I miss the kids! They are awesome!) that consists of more than: 1) paycheck, 2)....  when I get a job. That could be in a few months or a few years, but I'll manage until then. 

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